Evidence-Based Elements of Child Welfare In-Home Services
Journal of Family Strengths, D’Aunno, L.E., Boel-Studt, S., and Landsman, M.J. (2014)
In this article we discuss evidence-based elements of effective in-home child welfare services as a foundation for advancing the evidence base for family-centered child welfare practice. Through a nationwide assessment of in-home services conducted over four years of research and technical assistance, we developed a set of core elements for in-home services. These core elements are supported by empirical research and are congruent with evidence-based practices and programs. We review each of the elements with its underlying research base. We also discuss five evidence-supported in-home services interventions that share many of the elements. We conclude with a discussion of how evidence-based elements can be implemented to strengthen family centered child welfare practice. The article can be accessed at: http://digitalcommons.library.tmc.edu/jfs/vol14/iss1/3.