The NRCFCP had led a variety of research and training efforts centered on recruiting, retaining, and developing the human services workforce. Solid supervision is key to retaining skilled and committed workers, and our supervision training offers competency-based, comprehensive, supervision training that works from a strength-based, culturally competent perspective. We have conducted workforce training in a variety of settings, including public and private child welfare agencies, income maintenance programs, and family support and family development programs.  Our workforce research examines factors that contribute to job satisfaction, commitment, and retention and strategies for retaining a vital workforce in child welfare and family support programs.

Below are two examples of our human services workforce projects:

Family Support Workforce Study

A statewide study of Iowa’s family support workforce is currently underway which seeks to gain a greater understanding of the family support workforce and its organizational contexts, to assess changes in the workforce and the impact of supervision training, and to measure the relationship between workforce issues and family support outcomes.  The overall goal of the study, funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health, is to strengthen the workforce and improve the quality of family support services.  Research utilizes survey data from family support providers in direct service, supervisory, and administrative roles across the state to create a profile of the state workforce.

Family Support Supervisor Certification Training

This comprehensive eight day curriculum focuses on developing and maintaining a qualified and productive family support supervisory practice, developing human resources through supervision, oversight and development of  worker competence and the quality of service delivery in supervision of family support practice, leadership skills for family support supervisors, and the supervisor’s role in managing stress and safety. Currently the eight day training has been blended to reduce in-person training days to four, with the remaining material presented in online recordings utilizing the University of Iowa’s ICON (Iowa Courses Online) platform, and live webinars using the Zoom platform, thus reducing travel costs and time away from work.

To learn more about this training, contact Kellee McCrory at To register, visit the Training Schedules and Registration page.